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COVID Treatment (Paxlovid)


If you test positive for COVID-19, there is a new treatment that will reduce the risk of serious illness and hospitalization. Valley Medical and Wellness (VMW) is now offering convenient telemedicine visits for patients who test positive for COVID to evaluate if they are eligible to receive a prescription for Paxlovid, the pill-based treatment from Pfizer.  


What is Paxlovid COVID Treatment?

Paxlovid treatment consists of a five-day course of pills, taken orally. This treatment has proven highly effective at reducing the risk of hospitalization or death from COVID-19 and its many variants. A recent clinical trial showed that this FDA-approved treatment reduces the risk of hospitalization and death by 89%

If you test positive for COVID-19, VMW offers convenient telemedicine visits to determine if you are eligible for Paxlovid treatment.  


How Can You Obtain Paxlovid if You Have COVID?

Paxlovid must be taken within five days after the onset of COVID symptoms. Paxlovid requires a prescription, which can be obtained via a televisit with one of VMW's providers.

If you've tested positive for COVID, contact us at 612-586-8366 or via email at to schedule a telemedicine appointment. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance plans for the appointment. 

During the televisit, one of our providers will determine if you can take Paxlovid and, if so, write a prescription for your treatment. You can then pick up your prescription at your local pharmacy. 


Is Paxlovid for Everyone?

Paxlovid is safe for most people to use. You need to test positive for COVID to be eligible for treatment and be aware of possible interactions with certain medications and medical conditions. (Check the FDA's Paxlovid fact sheet to view known drug interactions and other important information.)

During your televisit, a VMW provider will question you as to which medications you're currently taking and your specific medical conditions. The provider will then determine whether Paxlovid is safe for you to take. 


Conact us today at 612-586-8366 or via email at to schedule your televisit for COVID-19 treatment!

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