Covid-19 Antibody Testing for Patients


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Covid-19 Antibody Testing is available in Minneapolis, Woodbury, and Burnsville

Valley Medical Laboratory offers both IgG/IgM and Neutralizing Antibody tests. Please read the descriptions below carefully to determine which test option is right for you.

Please select from the testing options below:

IgG/IgM Antibody Testing



Test Purpose: Determine if antibodies for Covid-19 have been developed due to past or recent infection

*Results Turnaround Time: Same Day

Payment Option: Insurance Provider Order Required: No

Neutralizing Antibody Testing



Test Purpose: Determine if you have developed an immune response to Covid-19 from past infection or vaccination

*Results Turnaround Time: 72 Hours

Payment Option: Insurance Provider Order Required: No

How it Works

  1. Click the "Schedule Now" button above.  
  2. First time users will then select "Register Here" and receive an email with a link to create a password
  3. Select the antibody testing option which is right for you
  4. Complete a 3-minute questionnaire
  5. Select your appointment date, time, and location.
  6. Enter your insurance or payment information based on the test you selected. 


Questions or concerns, please call (612) 286-8366 or email  

*Due to normal lab processes, a result of “indeterminate” is possible. In these instances, the laboratory will re-run samples and/or reach out to the patient to recollect the sample. These situations may result cause a delay in turn-around times.

If you have already visited a Valley Medical and Wellness location and provided your sample(s) for testing, we cannot cancel your order or refund your payment. Testing will be completed and results will be available in your Valley Medical Laboratory patient portal account or will be sent to you via secure text messaging.



About the IgG/IgM Covid-19 Antibody Test

The IgG/IgM Covid-19 Antibody test is actually two tests in one. This test will not tell you your immunity to Covid-19 post vaccination (see Neutralizing Antibody Test description below). This test is recommended to show evidence of previous Covid-19 infection by measuring antibody levels of IgM (early response) and IgG (late and longer lasting) antibodies. A positive test implies past exposure - it does not tell you if you have a current Covid-19 infection.

About the Neutralizing Covid-19 Antibody Test

The Neutralizing Covid-19 Antibody test tells you if you have a level of immunity of Covid-19 infection due to past infection or post vaccination immune response. This test is recommended post-vaccination or to show evidence of previous Covid-19 infection as is used to determine if you have developed specific neutralizing antibodies (these antibodies inhibit the COVID-19 virus from binding to specific receptors in the human body, indicating a level of immunity). A positive result implies a certain level of immunity but does not completely prevent future infection. Current evidence suggests if infection occurs, the symptoms would be less severe than if negative results were obtained. 



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