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Valley Medical Laboratory Covid-19 Specimen Collection and Testing


Valley Medical Laboratory is now offering Curbside Covid-19 Swab Testing.  
Appointments Currently Available Same Day or next business day
at our Burnsville, Woodbury, or Minneapolis locations.
Results available the next day - including Saturdays!




Curbside Covid-19 Testing available for Everyone!
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Provider Orders

Need a Covid-19 test for your patient?
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Help ensure a safe workplace for your employees,
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Testing Kits

Get the resource you need to test for COVID-19,
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About the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Test

The COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) gathers in an infected person’s nose and throat. In order to collect a sample of the virus for testing, a 6-inch long swab (like a long Q-tip) is inserted into a person’s nasal cavity by a trained Registered Nurse. The swabbing takes only a few seconds and causes only minor discomfort. The sample swab is then sent to the Valley Medical Laboratory in Burnsville, MN to be analyzed by our team of highly skilled technicians.

There are multiple strains of coronavirus, and currently RT-PCR is the best method to properly distinguish the COVID-19 strain. It is highly sensitive, accurate, and is the most effective method to deliver reliable diagnoses. RT-PCR is a laboratory technique that allows us to amplify and measure the specific genetic material (RNA) of the COVID-19 virus by using various steps and markers. This process takes about 4 hours in the lab. Results are sent back to patients the following day.

What sets COVID-19 Testing At Valley Medical Apart

At Valley Medical Laboratories, our team of high skilled PCR technicians can delivery certified, accurate test results the following next day. We have a submitted EUA application that is under review with the FDA - we are authorized to operate and provide this test using the guidance and testing protocols approved by the FDA.

Because we do not rely on testing kits and are able to keep testing in house, we are able to provide easy access to testing for ALL – anyone wanting a test can obtain a test, regardless of work status, age, or pre-existing conditions. We can test patients of all ages!

Not symptomatic but need a test to get back to work, prepare for a surgery, want to visit a loved-one, or don’t have insurance? – No problem! We have self-pay testing options available for anyone based on their need.

Questions or concerns, please call (612) 286-8366 or email

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