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Monkeypox and STI Testing for Clinics


Valley Medical Laboratory offers fast and convenient monkeypox and STI testing for clinics and providers. You provide the samples, we test and deliver results within two business days.


Monkeypox testing

Valley Medical Laboratory is one of the first reference labs in Minnesota to offer swab-based testing for monkeypox. Our monkeypox testing also scans for syphilis, HSV-1, and HSV-2 from a single swab with highly-accurate results.


STI testing

In addition to swab-based testing for syphilis and HSV-1 and 2, Valley Medical Laboratory also offers urine-based testing for the most common STIs, including gonorhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and other infections. Let Valley Medical be your single-stop for all STI testing—and relieve you of the testing burden.


Two ways to test with Valley Medical

Valley Medical can handle both your long-term and short-term testing needs. We can work with you on an ongoing basis for all your monkeypox and STI testing or provide one-off testing for single samples, whatever is best for your business.


Establish an ongoing relationship...

Valley Medical would like to service all your STI and monkeypox testing needs. We can work with you to set up an ongoing account so you can easily send tests and receive results on a regular basis.

Contact us to discuss and set up an account


Or send us your one-off monkeypox tests as needed

If you have a patient who you suspect has monkeypox but you aren't yet ready to establish an ongoing reference lab relationship, you can send your one-off tests to Valley Medical Laboratory for fast and easy testing. Submit your orders via the button below then send sample swabs in a cold pack to Valley Medical. We'll provide results to you and directly bill your patient's insurance for the test.


How to submit a single monkeypox test

NOTE: This testing is for clinics, not for individual patients

Materials needed:
6 dry swabs
3 collection tubes
1 biohazard bag
1 hard case shipping container with cold pack

1. Submit an order to Valley Medical by clicking the link below. You'll need the following patient information:
- First and last name
- Date of birth
- Sex and ethnicity
- Phone number and address
- Insurance carrier, group #, and ID #
- Is the patient pregnant? (and if so, how many weeks?)
- Is the patient on PrEP
- Has the patient ever been diagnosed with syphilis, HSV-1, HSV-2, or monkeypox?
- Date of first lesion
- Has patient been in contact with anyone else after developing lesions?
- Primary, secondary, and tertiary diagnosis (ICD-10)

We also need your information—provider name and title, NPI, and clinic name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address

2. Take two samples each (on separate swabs) from three separate collection sites on the patient: arm, torso, and upper body.

3. Insert the swabs into 3 collection tubes, one for each collection site.

4. Place the collection tubes into a biohazard bag.

5. Pack the biohazard bag in a hard-case shipping container with cold pack.

6. Transport or ship the samples to:

Valley Medical Laboratory
2428 East 117th St.
Burnsville, MN 55337

You will receive results via our private portal within two business days of sample receipt. The patient's insurance company is billed directly.



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