September is National Pain Awareness Month!

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Valley Medical and Wellness

Chronic Pain Medicine & Addiction Medicine located in Burnsville, Minneapolis, Woodbury & Rochester, MN

At Valley Medical and Wellness, our experienced physicians are passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and wellness. We offer comprehensive wellness services, like infusion therapy and intramuscular injections, to optimize your physical and mental wellbeing. Our team also provides individual counseling services to help you improve your diet and increase your physical activity.

Valley Medical and Wellness proudly servces the Twin Cities metropolitan area, including Eagan, Bloomington, St. Paul, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Plymouth, Maple Grove, and Brooklyn Park. Our offices are located in Burnsville, Minneapolis, Woodbury, Rochester, and Bemidji Minnesota. If you want to increase your strength or energy levels, call the Valley Medical and Wellness location nearest you today.

Wellness Q & A

What wellness services are available?

Wellness services are available for existing Valley Medical and Wellness patients who are currently undergoing ongoing chronic pain management and/or substance dependence treatment. A wellness consultation is required by a physician prior to receiving infusion or injection therapy.

To help you maintain optimal health and wellness, the team at Valley Medical and Wellness offers a variety of services that focuses on your individual needs. Whether you’re recovering from an illness or injury or just want to boost your overall quality of life, you can find the right treatment plan to achieve your goals.

The team at Valley Medical and Wellness offers a vareity of wellness services, including:

  • Infusion therapy

  • Exercise guidance

  • Nutritional counseling

Enhancing your wellness and physical fitness

Based on your lifestyle and goals, your provider can outline a plan to enhance your wellness and physical fitness. They can address a variety of elements that contribute to good health, including:

  • Diet

  • Exercise

  • Sleep habits

  • Stress management

Your Valley Medical and Wellness provider can also help you customize exercise and diet plans if you have existing health conditions that limit what you can do or eat.

Through regular check-ups, your provider monitors your progress and continues to support your efforts to achieve optimal health and wellness.

You also have access to a variety of affordable wellness products, including holistic supplements, vitamins, and herbs that the providers custom-design to your needs. Wellness products are available to help you lose weight, decrease anxiety, and strengthen your immune system.

What are infusion and injection therapies?

Infusion therapy involves the delivery of essential nutrients directly to the bloodstream through an intravenous (IV) line. The team at Valley Medical and Wellness offers a variety of infusion options and can recommend the right nutrients to treat existing health conditions or boost your overall health.

You can receive infusions that contain:

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Amino acids

  • Trace elements

  • Immune stimulants

Your infusion is based on your ultimate goals, and your Valley Medical and Wellness provider works closely with you to create infusions that enhance your mood, energy level, and general health in just one in-office treatment.

Valley Essentials Medpacks

Valley Medical and Wellness also offers Valley Essentials Medpacks. These Medpacks consist of a 30-day supply of daily supplements that are custom selected by our practitioners to boost your immune system.*

Each Valley Essentials Medpack contains pre-organized daily doses inside sealed containers to keep your vitamins fresh and easy to take with you on the go! Our packaging and dosing instructions make it simple to find time to focus on your health and remember what supplements to take. This customized anti-viral immunity booster pack* uses high-quality ingredients.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.