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Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym Partners with Valley Medical Laboratory for Tox Testing

Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym is partnering with Valley Medical Laboratory to offer viewing-free urine drug testing for their clients. They’re also holding an Open House on May 23rd from 1 pm to 4 pm to celebrate a recent expansion.

Twin Cities Wellness Center (TCWC) offers client-centered, solutions-focused outpatient treatment for those suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders. They provide individual and group counseling, mental health diagnostic assessments, transitional services, sober house support, and recovery coaching for individuals aged 18 years and older. Their programs appeal to clients from diverse backgrounds and income levels.

As part of their treatment programs, TCWC employs urine drug testing from Valley Medical Laboratory. The facility’s staff and their clients appreciate that Valley Medical’s DNA-verified urine drug testing (vTOX®) eliminates the need for viewed urine collection.

TCWC Clinical Treatment Director Jamie Johnson notes that LGBTQIA+ clients especially like how vTOX® does away with viewed urine collection.

“The LGBTQ community feels very comfortable coming to treatment here,” she said. “The way Valley Medical does things is super trauma sensitive, getting away from the observed viewing. It fits right in with what we’re doing here.”

Valley Medical’s vTOX® uses DNA technology to confirm the validity of urine samples for toxicology testing. The process works by using a simple cheek swab to obtain a sample that can be used to map identifiers in the client’s DNA. When the client submits future urine samples, DNA from each sample is compared to the stored information from the initial cheek swab. If the data is a match, the sample is verified to have come from the correct client.

Founded in 2019, Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym is unique in how it incorporates fitness into its treatment programs. TCWC provides a holistic approach to treatment that offers impressive workout and gym facilities for its clients. They also offer programs beyond just substance abuse, including therapeutic recreation classes, anger management programs, cognitive behavior therapy, and more.

Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym recently expanded their formerly 3300 square foot facility to an impressive 8500 square feet. The new addition includes new gym space with a pickleball court, basketball hoop, strength training machines, and studio space. There’s also flooring for yoga, aerobics, and martial arts and a turf space for a variety of activities. The gym is also outfitted with updated Olympic-style gym equipment, rig, and kettlebells, as well as updated cardio machines and surround sound for workout music.

To celebrate the opening of this new space, Twin Cities Wellness Center is hosting an Open House on May 23rd from 1 pm to 4 pm. All are welcome to tour the revamped facility and learn more about TCWC’s programming.

Twin Cities Wellness Center is located at 2912 N 2nd Street in Minneapolis. Those looking for outpatient support with recovery can learn more at Clinicians who are interested in learning more about Twin Cities Wellness Center and Recovery Gym’s referral program can email

Valley Medical is honored to partner with Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym in better serving their clients. Valley Medical Laboratory provides toxicology testing services for TCWC and other treatment centers across the state of Minnesota from its Burnsville reference lab. vTOX® viewing-free urine drug testing is available to all Valley Medical partners. Learn more at or contact us at or by phone at 612-471-1141.

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