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MAT and UDT Services for Treatment Centers


You focus on your clients.
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You want a single partner for all your medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and urine drug testing (UDT) needs. You want that partner to work with your systems and processes and not force you to do things their way. You want a partner that can provide continuity of care even after your clients have transitioned to other living conditions. 

Valley Medical and Wellness is the partner you've been looking for. We'll work hand-in-hand with you to provide your clients with fast and convenient in-house and telemedicine MAT and UDT services. We'll handle the testing and medication so you can focus on your clients' needs.


Valley Medical and Wellness:
One provider for all your facility’s needs.

vTOX UDT toxicology testing

Phlebotomy services

Telemedicine MAT services

Full-service reference lab

STI and women's sexual wellness testing

In-person specimen collection and phlebotomy

In-network with all major health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid


Addiction medicine that works for you

We help improve client retention by bringing all MAT services in-house. We can provide on-site urine collection and blood draws, as well as telemedicine appointments on your schedule. Dealing with a single source for both MAT and UDT services makes it easier for you.

By bringing MAT and phlebotomy services to you, you can keep your clients in-house. This removes the time and hassle of transporting clients to a different facility. No outside services are necessary, and no clients ever have to leave your facility.

Telemedicine MAT services for in-house addiction treatment

You take in clients in need at any day and any time. We provide telemedicine MAT appointments when you need them

VMW offers full-featured MAT services to meet your clients' needs. We treat addiction to a variety of substances, including:




Prescription painkillers


Cocaine and methamphetamines



To help stabilize cravings and withdrawals, our providers prescribe proven medications such as Buprenorphine (e.g. Suboxone, Sublocade) and Naltrexone (Vivitrol). Your clients meet with our providers via convenient telemedicine visits that don't require any external transportation.



Our vTOX DNA-verified urine drug testing eliminates the need for viewed urine collection. All that's required is a one-time cheek swab, and all future urine samples are genetically matched with your client's stored DNA information. Your clients get more privacy, and you get complete assurance as to the validity of each sample.


No more viewed urine collection

Reduces staff burden

Speeds up collection process

Minimizes urine sample tampering

Improves treatment center compliance

No more "shy bladder"

Happier clients

STI and women’s sexual health testing

VMW also offers urine testing and treatment for the most common STIs and women's sexual health issues, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and fungal infections. Our in-house lab returns results within 48 hours and our providers can prescribe treatment via a convenient telemedicine follow-up visit.

One partner for all your testing and treatment needs

VMW is a full-service reference lab for toxicology testing and much, much more. We're your single partner for both MAT and UDT services.

We offer two levels of partnership, depending on your testing needs. Choose the level that fits your specific needs or contact us for customized options.

Preferred Partners get a full range of MAT services, including in-house telemedicine appointments, flexible appointment availability, and continuation of care management. This is the perfect plan if you have your own in-house UDT services.

Valley Network Partners add to those Preferred-level services with a full range of UDT services and on-site staff for urine collection and blood draws. This level offers:

Comprehensive urine drug testing

Our unique DNA-verified UDT that eliminates the need for viewed urine collection

Testing for STIs and women's sexual wellness issues

On-site medical assistant liaison for urine collection

On-site phlebotomist for blood draws

In addition, if you need a professional to sign off on urine drug orders, we can connect you with an optional ordering medical provider.


Select Services
Valley Network Partner (MAT+UDT)

Preferred Partner
(MAT only)

In-house telemedicine MAT services


Continuation of care management


Flexible appointment availability


vTOX DNA-verified urine drug testing


STI and women's sexual wellness testing


On-site medical assistant liaison for urine collection


On-site phlebotomist for blood draws


Ordering medical provider for signing off on urine drug orders (add-on service)

Optional No


We’re your partner in promoting counseling

At VMW, we're focused on your clients' continuing progress. We highly encourage all patients to participate in some form of counseling, AA/NA meetings, IOP, or inpatient care, depending on the severity of their substance abuse. We want all our patients to receive the counseling they need.

We provide continuity of care—so you don’t have to worry about it

We want to partner with you in your offboarding process and ensure that your clients' care doesn't stop when they leave your facility. Our multiple locations provide convenient access to treatment for patients in the Twin Cities, Rochester, and Bemidji areas. In addition, we can reach your clients anywhere via telemedicine, so they can continue MAT when they move to sober living or transition homes. We can also coordinate referrals for primary care providers, mental health services, and more.

We focus on both treatment and the causes of substance abuse

Thanks to our dual focus on both addiction and pain management, VMW is uniquely able to discuss a patient's pain, which is a common trigger for patients with substance use disorder. We also perform mental screenings to understand the overall health of the patient and offer medication management for mild-to-moderate anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

Valley Medical and Wellness:
Your trusted treatment services provider

Valley Medical and Wellness is a premier provider of addiction medicine and chronic pain treatment. Our reference lab processes hundreds of tests every week for patients and treatment centers throughout the state of Minnesota.

VMW was founded in 2014 by Dr. Svetlana Zaydman and Dr. Ashwin George. With clinic locations in Bemidji, Burnsville, Minneapolis, Rochester, and Woodbury, we serve a client base of more than 1,000 substance addiction and chronic pain patients. We also provide testing for STIs, women's sexual wellness, and COVID-19.

Valley Medical and Wellness is in-network with most major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. We are a member of the Fairview Physicians Association (FPA) and can refer out a full range of medical services. We look forward to becoming a trusted partner for your facility.

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