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MAT and UDT Services for Treatment Centers




Toxicology Testing for Treatment Centers

Valley Medical Laboratory is Minnesota's premier provider of toxicology testing services for addiction treatment centers. Our vTOX DNA-verified urine drug testing eliminates the need for embarassing viewed urine collection. All that's required is a one-time cheek swab, and all future urine samples are genetically matched with your client's stored DNA information. Your clients get more privacy, and you get complete assurance as to the validity of each sample.


Easy-to-Use Partner Toxicology Portal

Valley Medical Laboratory's unique partner portal was designed to make ordering tox tests and reviewing results as easy as possible. Access the portal from any web browser on any Internet-connected computer. Entering lab orders and viewing test results is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. Everything you need is onscreen, nothing more to look up or enter. No other lab makes it this easy!



Telemedicine MAT Services for In-House Addiction Treatment

You take in clients in need at any day and any time. We provide telemedicine MAT appointments when you need them.

To meet your clients' needs, utilize the full-featured MAT services from Valley Medical and Wellness providers. We conduct all telemedicine visits via a Microsoft Teams-enabled tablet and prescribe all necessary medications remotely. It's the same quality of service patients receive in person—but without having to leave your facility.

We treat addiction to a variety of substances, including:
Prescription painkillers
Cocaine and methamphetamines

To help stabilize cravings and withdrawals, our providers prescribe proven medications such as Buprenorphine (e.g. Suboxone, Sublocade) and Naltrexone (Vivitrol). Your clients meet with our providers via convenient telemedicine visits that don't require any external transportation. Your clients never have to leave your facility.


Telemedicine Admission Physicals 

If your clients need admission physicals when they enter your facility, we can help. The providers at Valley Medical and Wellness can provide optional admission physicals for your clients via telemedicine visit. We can even arrange for a trained phlebotomist to come to your facility for any necessary blood draws.

Optional Phlebotomy Services

As needed, Valley Medical Laboratory also can provide optional phlebotomy services for our treatment center partners. We will send a phlebotomist to your facility to assist in any necessary blood draws, on your schedule. (There may be additional costs involved, which may be billable to the client's insurance.)



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