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Join the Valley Medical Team!

If you're looking for a new position in a fast-paced healthcare environment that lets you help people in need, we need to talk. Valley Medical and Wellnesss has a number of open positions for new team members who can help us better serve our current patients and grow our patient list. 


We're Hiring!

Valley Medical and Wellness is looking for people who like to help people. As one of Minnesota's premier clinics for treating chronic pain and substance addiction, our passion is helping our patients improve their lives. if you share that passion, we want to talk with you. 

Opportunities for Growth

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Ashwin George and Dr. Svetlana Zaydman, Valley Medical is a young and rapidly growing business. We've grown from from a single clinic location in Burnsville to six locations across the state—with more to come.

We currently have about 75 employees but we're always looking for new team members to help us grow our business and serve more patients. We're big enough to offer big-company benefits but small enough that most employees know everyone by name. When you work for Valley Medical, there are lots of opportunities for growth—both professional and personal!

Perfect for Pre-Med and Pre-Dental Students

If you're a pre-med or pre-dental student looking for patient care experience, look no further than Valley Medical. We're always looking for medical assistants who can help our providers better serve our patients. We provide all the training you need, no certification is required. We offer competitive pay, flexible schedules to work around your class schedule, and opportunities for advancement. Valley Medical is a great learning environment and terrific experience for your future career in healthcare. We're waiting for you now, with positions open in all five of our clinics. 


Valley Medical and Wellness: A Great Place to Work

Working for Valley Medical offers many benefits—including an exceptional package of healthcare benefits. Look at everything you get when you work at Valley Medical:

✓ Personal and professional growth

✓ A fast-paced work environment

✓ Opportunities to help people in need

✓ Friendly and welcoming surroundings

✓ Flexible hours

✓ Competitive salary

✓ Perfect training for a career in healthcare

✓ Opportunities for advancment

✓ On-the-job training provided



Our Goal: Improve Our Patients' Quality of Life

All employees at Valley Medical share the same goal, to improve the quality of life for our patients. Chronic pain and addiction can affect all aspects of a person's life, including their self worth, physical health, job, relationships with friends and family, finances, and mental health. We work closely with all our patients to make their lives better.

Share Our Mission and Values

Valley Medical's mission is to provide effective, empathetic, and non-judgmental care for patients struggling with chronic pain and/or substance abuse issues, to help them live their best possible lives. In service to that mission, the Valley Medical team embraces a shared set of core values that include:

  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Understanding
  • Integrity/candor
  • Efficiency
  • Privacy
  • Diversity
  • Inclusivity

Six Convenient Work Locations

Valley Medical employees can choose from five convenient work locations. In the Twin Cities area we have clinics in Burnsville, Minneapolis, Plymouth, and Woodbury. We also have clinic locations in Rochester and Bemidji. Our laboratory and corporate office are part of our Burnsville location. Choose the work location that works best for you!

Join the Valley Medical Team Today!

We think Valley Medical is a great place to work and grow. If you're interested in a career in the healthcare field, Valley Medical could be for you. Contact us today to learn more about working at Valley Medical and current open positions. 


Call us today to learn more: 612-444-3000


"Valley Medical helped me become a successful physician assistant"

Emily “Bo” LaFountaine is a successful physician assistant who got her start as a medical assistant at Valley Medical and Wellness. Her story illustrates how working at Valley Medical can help individuals get a head start on a successful career in healthcare.

As a child, Bo dreamed of being in the healthcare profession. After graduating from college, she became a personal care assistant. Knowing that she needed hands-on experience before getting her Physician Assistant degree, she sought out the medical assistant job at Valley Medical.

Bo started working as a medical assistant at Valley Medical in 2016. At the time, Valley Medical only had three providers (Dr. George, Dr. Zaydman, and Lindsay Bergstreser) and Bo got the opportunity to assist them all, which provided invaluable experience.

As Bo quickly realized, medical assistants at Valley Medical fulfill a unique role with considerably more autonomy than at some other clinics. During her time as a medical assistant, Bo learned a number of skills that proved useful in her path to becoming a provider.

“Working as a medical assistant at Valley Medical was challenging but rewarding,” Bo reflects. “I had to learn a lot of different protocols, as well as how to deal with difficult patients. I learned how to be patient and empathetic, and how to really listen to patients and be compassionate.”

Those skills helped Bo gain acceptance into the Physician Assistant Studies program at Augsburg University, where she received a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies. She says working at Valley Medical gave her a unique perspective during interviews that helped her gain acceptance into Augsburg’s program.

Since graduating from Augsburg in 2020, Bo has been working as a physician assistant in the emergency rooms at Abbott Northwestern, United Hospital, and Regina Hastings. She notes that working in an emergency room can be extremely stressful, but her experience with Valley Medical’s sometimes-challenging patient base has been good preparation for the hectic ER environment.

In addition to her current work in the Abbott ERs, Bo also continues to work part-time as a provider at Valley Medical.

“Valley Medical is a really great community,” Bo says, “a great group of people. I value the relationships I built here and the investment that Valley made in me.”


Call us today to learn more: 612-444-3000


"Valley Medical helped me get into med school"

Caitlin Copa is a Valley Medical employee success story. A former medical assistant at Valley Medical, Caitlin was recently accepted into Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in Downer’s Grove, Illinois.

Valley Medical helped her get there.

Caitlin CopaCaitlin joined Valley Medical in October 2020 and worked through July 2022, working with both chronic pain and addiction patients. During her time at Valley Medical, she assisted several different providers, but worked especially closely with Dr. Ashwin George, the clinic’s co-founder and CEO. Caitlin says Dr. George took her under his wing and considered her his “right-hand man.”

“Working with Dr. George was awesome,” Caitlin relates. “He’s brilliant and a really good mentor.”

Caitlin says that one of the most important things her mentors at Valley Medical taught her was critical thinking and how to solve problems in the moment. She considers her time at Valley Medical as “like a mini-medical school,” due to how much she learned in a short period of time. She says that her time at Valley Medical taught her how to deal with patients with kindness and grace, important traits when working with difficult patients.

“Dr. George taught me how to provide a high level of compassionate care,” Caitlin says. “I came to Valley Medical with some clinical experience but not much patient skill. Working at Valley Medical helped me gain compassion and the ability to help patients in need.”

Caitlin stresses that working at Valley Medical provided essential real-world experience that helped her get into med school. That work experience also influenced the school's decision to grant her admission.

“The more time you spend with patients, the more you learn," Caitlin advises. "And, at Valley Medical, the more responsibility you get.”

Caitlin is still working as a medical assistant and scribe as she prepares for the start of medical school this summer. She’s not sure what she wants to be when she gets her degree—”I’m just keeping it open,” she says. She knows that she likes a fast-paced environment, so that might influence her future career plans. Caitlin wants to help patients feel empowered and be more knowledgeable about the healthcare decisions they make.

Valley Medical was honored to have Caitlin work in our clinic and are proud to see her advance in her medical career. It’s just one more example of how working at Valley Medical helps young medical professionals gain work and life experience that they’ll use throughout their lives.

Any prospective medical assistants who are interested in working at Valley Medical and furthering their education should contact the VMW human resources department at We're always looking for new people to join our team!

Call us today to learn more: 612-444-3000

"Valley Medical helped me get into a great PA program"

Claire Peterson is another Valley Medical employee success story. After working at Valley Medical for the past two years, Claire was recently accepted into Augsburg University’s highly-rated Physician Assistant program.

Today, Claire is a lead medical assistant at Valley Medical’s Burnsville clinic. She joined the Valley Medical team in September of 2020, after graduating from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.

After working for a brief time as a CNA in a Fargo hospital, Claire moved to the Twin Cities area and was hired as a medical assistant at Valley Medical. She didn’t know what working as a medical assistant would be like and was pleasantly surprised at what she found.

“It was challenging,” Claire related, “but I was surprised at how autonomous I was. I got to be a big part of the process and worked closely with the providers.”

Claire says she learned a lot about chronic pain and addiction management, but that wasn’t all.

“I learned how to speak with people,” Claire says. “I became a much better communicator.”

In fact, Claire says, she’s grown a lot during her time at Valley Medical.

“Working as an MA has helped me be more confident,” she says. “I’m not as timid as I was before.”

Her experience at Valley Medical helped Claire prepare for Augsburg’s PA program, especially her connections with providers. Several Valley Medical providers wrote letters of recommendation that made a difference with Augsburg admissions.

Claire starts at Augsburg in May, 2023, and will be leaving Valley Medical to devote full time to the 27-month program. After graduation she’s open to many possibilities, including becoming a primary care PA or working in geriatrics.

“I just want to see what happens,” Claire says. Valley Medical staff and management wish her all the best going forward and know that she’ll be successful in whatever direction she chooses.

Call us today to learn more: 612-444-3000


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