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Formerly Valley Pain Relief & Wellness Center

At Valley Medical and Wellness, it is our mission to improve quality of life for those suffering from pain or afflicted with addiction. Both pain and addiction can have detrimental effects on every aspect of our lives – from our physical health, our jobs and finances, to our relationships with friends and family, and our own mental health, self worth, and pride. We work closely with patients to identify the problem, set treatment goals, and put methods into place to achieve those goals. Through individual treatment plans, we strive to improve your health and comfort, and help you get back to being your very best self.

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pain management

Gain greater comfort, improved function and renewed hope today. Diminishing acute or chronic pain will greatly increase the quality of your life. Valley Medical and Wellness provides effective treatment and care for those suffering physical pain from injury, illness, and disease.

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addiction medicine

Overcoming addiction is a journey and a great achievement. Valley Medical and Wellness creates an individualized plan of care and manages the steps in overcoming alcohol, prescription medication and heroin addiction. Take the first step now.

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Enhancing our physical, emotional, and mental health with supplemental nutrition and treatment improves our daily living. Valley Medical and Wellness incorporates natural medicine and holistic therapies to aid in combatting pain, addiction, stress, and disease.

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