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Valley Medical and Wellness

Chronic Pain Medicine & Addiction Medicine located in Burnsville, Minneapolis, Woodbury, Rochester & Bemidji, MN

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Welcome to Valley Medical and Wellness!

Valley Medical and Wellness is a premier chronic pain medicine and addiction medicine practice with offices in Burnsville, Minneapolis, Woodbury, Rochester, and Bemidji Minnesota whose mission is to help people to get back to loving life.

At any of the five Valley Medical and Wellness offices in Burnsville, Minneapolis, Woodbury, Rochester, and Bemidji Minnesota we strive to improve the quality of life of those suffering from pain and/or addiction through a comprehensive approach focusing on overall wellness along with progressive and knowledgeable medical treatments. We work closely with our patients and we recognize that dealing with pain and/or addiction can impact every aspect of our lives - such as one's self-worth, physical health, jobs, relationships with friends and family, finances, and mental health.

Under the guidance of Svetlana Zaydman, DO, and Ashwin George, MD, patients receive customized treatment that identifies their pain or addiction problem at its source, creates goals, and puts a plan into action that helps achieve these goals. 


Pain Management

Our pain management program focuses on improving daily function and quality of life by reducing pain and dependence to opioids. Pain management strategies are personalized to each patient and incorporate exercise, nutritional habits, and interventional pain procedures to help further improve function. We treat a variety of pain conditions—see our services page for a list of our commonly treated conditions!


Addiction Treatment

Our addiction treatment program provides medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for using proven medications like Buprenorphine (e.g. Suboxone, Sublocade) or Naltrexone (e.g. Vivitrol) to help stabilize cravings and withdrawals to help with dependence on opiates (e.g. prescription pain pills, heroin, fentanyl), stimulants (e.g. cocaine, methamphetamines), benzodiazepines (e.g. Xanax), marijuana, and alcohol. Our providers perform mental health and wellness screenings to understand the overall health of the patient.

We are also uniquely able to treat a patient’s pain, which is a common trigger for patients with substance use disorder. Patients who are at high risk for sexually transmitted infections (STI) are able to be tested and treated during their visit. Where counseling is needed for substance abuse, we partner with licensed counselors within the community and across the state for comprehensive assessments, individual & group therapy, and patient education.


COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

While we remain committed to fighting the opioid epidemic, VMW is also helping to fight the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic by offering drive-thru community RT-PCR COVID-19 testing and telehealth appointments, as well as acting as a COVID-19 testing referral lab for community providers.

We also offer telemedicine appointments to prescribe Pfizer's highly effective Paxlovid medication for those testing positive for COVID-19. (Paxlovid should be taken within five days of first exhibiting systems of COVID.)


And More

We are a member of the Fairview Physicians Association (FPA) and are able to refer out a full range of medical services.

If you're ready to restore your sense of wellness and independence from chronic pain and/or addiction, call the Valley Medicine and Wellness location nearest you or request a consultation using this website.




Helping People Get Back to Loving Life

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We accept most Medicaid and Medicare health plans. We also accept insurance through worker's compensation claims as well as auto-insurance. If you have any questions regarding coverage, please call our office.

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