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If you’re unable to work due to chronic pain from an on-the-job injury, the team at Valley Medical and Wellness offers comprehensive care and has experience in treating patients who are worker's compensation claims. At the offices in Burnsville, Minneapolis, Woodbury, and Rochester, Minnesota, pain management specialists, Ashwin George, MD, and Svetlana Zaydman, MD, DO, focus on accurately diagnosing the source of your pain and tailor treatment plans to provide long-term pain relief. If you have a worker's compensation claim for a work-related injury, schedule an evaluation by calling the office nearest you today.

Worker's Compensation Q & A

What worker's compensation services are available?

If you’re hurt at work and are pursuing a claim, the staff at Valley Medical and Wellness are well-versed in and knowledgeable about worker's compensation.

The physicians provide comprehensive pain relief services for a number of common work-related injuries, including:

  • Falls

  • Trips

  • Auto accidents

  • Machinery accidents

  • Repetitive use injuries

The medical team treats injuries that cause chronic pain in your back, neck, joints, and other areas of your body.

What can I expect during a worker's compensation consultation?

When you schedule a visit for pain relating to a work injury, be sure to tell the Valley Medical and Wellness staff. This ensures the team maintains the necessary documentation to support your case.

Your Valley Medical and Wellness provider takes time to review your medical history and discuss the type of symptoms you’re having and their severity. You may need diagnostic tests, like X-rays or other imaging, to confirm a diagnosis.

Once your doctor determines the root cause of your pain, they create a treatment plan that focuses on pain relief and efficient healing of your injury. Your treatment plan also addresses how much time you need off from work to recover, and when you can safely return to your job without risking additional injury.

What treatments are available for work-related injuries?

Depending on your diagnosis, your Valley Health and Wellness provider designs a treatment plan that may include oral medications, acupuncture, and physical therapy to control pain and reduce chronic inflammation.

Additionally, the experienced pain management specialists offer other pain-relieving therapies that boost the speed of healing and help you return to work faster. These therapies include:

Injection therapy

Injection therapy is an interventional treatment that delivers anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medicines directly into the injured tissue or joint to promote healing.

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine is also an injection-based therapy that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate your body’s natural healing process. PRP injections trigger the regeneration of healthy cells to repair tissue and provide long-term relief of pain.


Prolotherapy is another type of injectable treatment, which involves the injection of natural substances found in the body, such as dextrose and saline, and a numbing agent to trigger your body’s natural healing response.

Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT)

OMT uses hands-on techniques to stretch muscles and move joints to promote healing and relieve pain.

The physicians at Valley Medical and Wellness customize your treatment to your needs and continue to monitor your healing process before releasing you back to work. They also provide recommendations for preventing additional work-related injuries to ensure you enjoy a high quality of life with less pain.

Schedule a worker's compensation evaluation for chronic pain at Valley Medical and Wellness by calling the office nearest you.

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