What is Addiction Counseling?

Addiction Counseling is a very specific type of counseling, which assesses and helps treat serious and difficult behavior, or ruse of a substance. A specialized treatment plan is developed in the process intended to assist the individual in their struggle to achieve their goals for a better life.

Addiction Counseling is a facilitative process which helps individuals overcome any personal fears and anxiety, which they may be experiencing. The main advantage of addiction counseling is that it will help the patient address their problems and take appropriate action. It permits an intensive examination of the causes of the addictive behavior and enables the patient to reach a level of self-understanding which is essential for a successful recovery.

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How does Addiction Counseling help?

The objective of Addiction Counseling is to assist in the following ways:

  • To reinforce self-worth.
  • To discover positive tools to manage stressful events and feelings.
  • To learn how to respond to common substance and behavioral triggers.
  • To develop hands-on skills for dealing with cravings.
  • To help the individual with rebuilding trusting relations with people in their life.
  • To become responsible, in control and compliant with other treatment plans.

The counselor’s role is to facilitate the patient’s development in ways which respect the person’s principles, individual resources and capacity for independence, leading to lifelong recovery.

Isn’t addiction treatment enough?

Often, shame and pain can interfere with the success of addiction treatment. Addiction counseling services in Minneapolis and Burnsville are comforting, effective, and completely confidential, helping to alleviate such concerns and work through addiction.

It can be extremely rewarding for the patient's overall mental and emotional health. Depending upon individual needs, Dr. George may recommend counseling at Valley Medical and Wellness, or refer patients to a psychologist.

At Valley Medical and Wellness, we understand addiction and more importantly, how powerful it is in controlling us. Our providers are compassionate, caring, and effective. We want to help you and your loved ones overcome all aspects of addiction and get back to being a free, peaceful, healthy person.

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Valley Medical And Wellness – Addictionologist Minneapolis & Burnsville

Valley Medical and Wellness takes a multi-disciplinary approach to addiction counseling, utilizing not only medication but also additional therapies and support to help each unique patient with their specific addiction. Research shows that patients benefit most from this combined and individualized approach.

There is no need to suffer from addiction in silence and shame. Life changing opportunities exist for those who are ready to fight their addiction. Addiction doctors in Minneapolis and Burnsville are focused on helping you achieve that goal.

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Here, at Valley Medical And Wellness, we provide innovative and comprehensive addiction counseling in Minneapolis & Burnsville. We are dedicated to healing your mind and spirit by helping you stay motivated to change and empowering you to create a happier, healthier life for yourself.

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