Because alcohol is legal, widely consumed, and socially accepted, it is easy to misuse and become dependent, perhaps without even realizing it. Alcohol dependency is very serious, and can be extremely difficult to overcome without professional help.

Valley Medical and Wellness offers a multifaceted approach to treating alcohol dependency. We will work with you, in confidence and with respect, to find the correct combination of treatment, medication, support and counseling to help you succeed.

With every addiction, the success of treatment depends upon the patient's willingness to work towards recovery. If you are ready to make a change, Valley Medical and Wellness is here to help you get back to being healthy and free.

Medication for Alcohol Dependency

Vivitrol is a proven form of treatment for alcohol dependence. It is a medication that is injected once a month during an office visit. Vivitrol is an opiate blocker that effectively reduces cravings by blocking positive feelings associated with drinking. Vivitrol has been tremendously successful for many patients battling alcohol dependency.

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