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Why Do People Use Xylazine—and What’s the Harm?

Xylazine, otherwise known as Tranq, was originally developed as a veterinary sedative. This previously innocuous horse tranquilizer has emerged as a dangerous abused substance—and one that is increasingly available on the streets.

Unfortunately, xylazine has several extremely serious side effects for humans. The consequences of xylazine abuse are many and pose significant risks for those using the drug.

Xylazine Use is on the Rise

There are many reasons why xylazine is infiltrating the market for illicit substances, chief of which are its sedative effects and its potential to enhance the effects of other drugs. The primary reasons why more and more people are using xylazine today include:

Because of these and other reasons, plus an increasing supply, xylazine use is on the rise. This is not a good thing.

Xylazine is Extremely Dangerous

The use of xylazine, especially in combination with other illicit substances, carries significant health risks. It is not approved for human consumption and its effects are difficult to combat. For example, because xylazine is not an opioid, Narcan cannot be used to counteract its effects. This leaves heavy users at greater risk of overdose and death.

The dangers of using xylazine are many and substantial, including:

These dangers are clear and should not be easily dismissed. There is nothing good about xylazine for humans and it is becoming a major scourge in cities across the country.

Valley Medical is Now Testing for Xylazine 

To help combat the burgeoning xylazine crisis, Valley Medical is now including testing for xylazine as part of its standard toxicology testing. Xylazine testing is available to Valley Medical’s clinic patients and its treatment center partners.

Please contact us online, via email at, or via phone at 612-444-3000 to learn more about our xylazine testing.

Michael Miller Michael Miller Michael Miller is a Business Process Writer at Valley Medical and Wellness. He's an established writer with more than 200 books and thousands of articles published over the past three decades. He writes on a variety of topics, from healthcare to technology to music. He is also a member of the Interstellar Foundation, dedicated to telling the story of humankind via NASA spacecraft traveling beyond the solar system.

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