Medication is generally the first defense against pain. There is a broad spectrum of pain medicine available both over-the-counter and via prescription, in oral and topical varieties. Medication can offer immediate and effective relief for a variety of conditions, easing pain and improving daily life.

Valley Medical and Wellness physicians are well educated and experienced in safely prescribing and managing medication for pain. Our providers work directly with you, the patient, to assess its effectiveness. We want to see reduction of pain as well as your functional improvement.

At the same time, we acknowledge and share concern about the inherent dangers of prescription pain medications. Our clinic will do everything possible to ensure the safety of our patients, by closely monitoring the progress of their treatment plan and following all government regulations.

Clinic Policy

To ensure patient safety, Valley Medical and Wellness will follow best practices in monitoring all prescriptions, and uphold patient safety and proper ethics at all times.

Our patients will be required to take regular urine tests while under our care. If test results indicate illicit medication or prescription misuse, continuation of care with our practice will be reviewed. Such patients may be discharged or referred to a substance abuse specialist as part of our protocol.

It is always best to communicate openly with your physician. Notify them of all current medications, and always discuss desired changes prior to altering medication on your own.