The misuse of pain pills, heroin, and other opioids is on the rise in staggering fashion, resulting in a dramatic increase in both addiction and overdose-induced deaths. The increase of opioid use and dependency has even surpassed that of marijuana.

Opioid dependency is a chronic, long-term, medical condition. Because of the way it affects the brain, opioid addiction is not something most people can overcome on their own.

Fortunately, proven medical treatments like Suboxone, along with counseling and behavioral therapy, has helped millions of opioid-dependent people regain control over their condition. Valley Medical and Wellness is one of few providers to offer Suboxone treatment to patients in Minnesota.

Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone (Buprenorphine and Naloxone) is a discreet and effective treatment that can be taken at home. By suppressing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings, Suboxone Film can help eliminate the use of illicit opioids, so you can focus on getting back to the life you desire and things you care about most.

When properly prescribed and taken by the patient, Suboxone helps to stabilize the patient, so they can safely reduce opioid use without experiencing withdrawal. It is extremely important to take this medication as prescribed, and to tell your doctor about all other medications you are using.

Suboxone is restricted to federally regulated clinics for the treatment of opioid addiction, and those taking it for pain need to be exceedingly cautious and educated about this medication. Suboxone prescribers administer urine toxicology screens regularly and have strict contracts for patient safety. Valley Medical and Wellness adheres to the safest practices when providing Suboxone therapy.

How long should I expect to use Suboxone?

Most patients will take Suboxone for 1-2 years. In some cases, patients may require more time.

How often do I see my physician during treatment with Suboxone?

Patients will be seen in our office once a month for the extent of their prescription. Initially, patients will be seen frequently in the first two months for close monitoring and dose adjustments.

Vivitrol Treatment

Vivitrol is an opiate blocker that effectively reduces cravings by blocking positive feelings associated with opioid use. It is a medication that is injected once a month during an office visit. Vivitrol has been tremendously successful for many patients battling both opioid and alcohol dependency.

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