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Valley Medical is Hiring Medical Assistants!


Are you looking for a steppingstone to a successful medical career? Want to work with and learn from established providers? Like helping patients and answering their questions? Then we want to talk with you!

Valley Medical and Wellness is currently hiring medical assistants to work in our Twin Cities clinics. At Valley Medical a medical assistant assists our providers in managing patients with addiction and/or chronic pain issues. Our medical assistants greet and room patients, answer patient questions, help manage the front desk, and perform necessary clerical duties. It’s fulfilling work and great training for your next steps in the healthcare profession.

What Does an MA Do at Valley Medical?

What will you do as a medical assistant at Valley Medical? It varies somewhat from day to day and from clinic to clinic, but here are the primary responsibilities for all our MAs:

Assist our providers and patients:

Work the front desk:

Collect and process urine samples:

What Will You Learn at Valley Medical?

Working at Valley Medical is ideal training for a future medical career. You get to work with and learn from multiple providers and gain valuable experience interacting with patients. Many MAs develop close personal relationships with providers that help them advance in their future careers.

Past medical assistants have found their training at Valley Medical invaluable for getting into nurse practitioner and physician assistant programs, as well as into medical schools. (Valley Medical is proud to participate in the University of Minnesota’s Addiction Medicine Fellowship program and medical student rotation for Des Moines University.)

Are There Opportunities to Advance?

Valley Medical employs four levels of medical assistants: MA 1, MA 2, MA 3, and Lead MA. All new MAs start at level 1, but you can quickly advance to subsequent levels based on your work experience and skill level. After your preliminary training and six months of experience at our clinics, you can advance to level 2. MAs with extended experience may progress to level 3, which is a requirement to work with any of our doctors. The Lead MA position is available for level 3 MAs willing to take on additional leadership responsibilities.

What Skills Do You Need?

What do you need to be a successful MA at Valley Medical? Here’s what we’re looking for:

What Education is Required?

You don’t need a medical background to start your career at Valley Medical. All you need is the following:

We’ll provide the necessary training to prepare you to see your first patient. From there, you’ll learn from our providers and other staff as you perform your daily duties.

What Hours Are Available?

At Valley Medical it’s easy to get the hours you want—without working nights or weekends. Here are the details:

Where Will You Be Working?

We’re currently looking for MAs to work at our four Twin Cities clinics, located at:

What Else Do You Need to Do the Job?

In addition to the other requirements, you need to be able to:

What Benefits Are Available?

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably curious about the benefits we offer. In addition to a competitive salary, you will receive:

What Does Valley Medical and Wellness Do?

Valley Medical and Wellness is a premier provider of treatment for chronic pain and addiction with clinics in Plymouth, Minneapolis, Burnsville, Woodbury, Rochester, and Bemidji. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain or afflicted with addiction. Our staff works closely with our patients to identify their problems, set treatment goals, prescribe opioids and other medications, and put methods into place to achieve those goals.

Are You Interested in Joining the Valley Medical Team?

If all this looks interesting to you, we should talk. Click this link to learn more and apply.




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