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Opioid Addiction Epidemic - Valley Medical and Wellness Cares, And it Shows!

The opioid epidemic presents a major problem in our communities, but what is the problem exactly? Before any problem can be managed, it must first be understood. Valley Medical and Wellness (VMW) is focused on bringing a thoughtful approach to dealing with the people in our communities afflicted with pain and chemical dependence.

Understanding the problem with using opioids means knowing the risks and benefits associated with them. Treatment with opioids poses many risks including slowed responses, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and coma, all of which are potentially fatal. 

opioids - a solution to chronic pain?

Chronic opioid abuse commonly leads to depressed moods, deteriorating relationships, and difficulty holding down jobs. However, despite the potential risks, for many people opioids represent a solution to pain that other treatments cannot alleviate. It has been shown that the benefits of opioids have a place in healthcare for patients who have exhausted all other treatments options. Furthermore, when patients are unable to find effective care for chronic pain, it is problematic for our communities as they may resort to self-treating their pain by unsafe and possibly illegal means. 

why choose valley medical & wellness?

As a pain and addiction clinic, Valley Medical & Wellness specializes in safely prescribing and closely monitoring opioid use in their patients to avoid harmful side effects, prevent abuse, and give pain relief to patients so they can focus their work, family, and personal wellbeing. For patients dealing with chemical dependence, VMW offers medication assisted treatment utilizing medications such as Buprenorphine and Naltrexone to help stabilize cravings and withdrawals while still addressing their pain needs. VMW also provides additional resources for medication education, counseling, and wellness for patients and their families. 

When caring for chronic pain and chemical dependence, VMW starts by understanding the patient’s goals, and then administering a plan with achievable steps to meet them. VMW is committed to helping patients through each phase of their treatment plan by offering extended hours at three convenient locations in the twin cities area (Minneapolis, Burnsville and Woodbury), along with assisting patients with navigating their commercial, state, and federal healthcare plans. They also assist patients in gaining insurance coverage through their county and finding plans which align with their economic and medication needs. 

By focusing on the whole patient, VMW combats the opioid crisis in our area by bringing balance back into the lives of those suffering from these difficult conditions, allowing them to become active and thriving members of their community!


valley medical & wellness - further information

If you have any additional questions or you would like to find out more about our available services, including pain management options, addiction medicine and wellness in Minneapolis, Burnsville or Woodbury, please contact us by calling at (612) 444-3000.

Schedule an appointment today by filling out our pain form and let us provide you with our customized care.

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