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Valley Medical Celebrates National Nurse Practitioner Week

November 12-18 is National Nurse Practitioner Week and Valley Medical and Wellness is taking the time to celebrate all of the nurse practitioners practicing at our many clinics. 

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are highly educated and trained medical professionals who are almost like doctors. In addition to their fundamental roles as registered nurses, they can provide primary care, counseling, diagnosis, offer health education, and write prescriptions. 

At Valley Medical, our nurse practitioners serve as Advanced Practice Providers to treat patients at our clinics. They analyze patient needs and progress, diagnose conditions, create personalized treatment plans, and prescribe necessary medications. Our nurse practitioners are essential to the care of our chronic pain and addiction patients. 

Valley Medical currently has three certified nurse practitioners on staff: Katrina Gabelko, Lauren Holzfaster, and Sivilai Vang. We appreciate everything they bring to our clinics and to our patients. Please join us in thanking Lauren, Sivilai, and Kat for everything they do!

Michael Miller Michael Miller Michael Miller is a Business Process Writer at Valley Medical and Wellness. He's an established writer with more than 200 books and thousands of articles published over the past three decades. He writes on a variety of topics, from healthcare to technology to music. He is also a member of the Interstellar Foundation, dedicated to telling the story of humankind via NASA spacecraft traveling beyond the solar system.

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