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Valley Medical Laboratory Partners with Roots Wellness Center to Provide vTOX® Drug Testing

Valley Medical Laboratory, a subsidiary of Valley Medical and Wellness, is proud to partner with Roots Wellness Center for toxicology testing. Valley Medical helps Roots provide accurate and nonintrusive urine drug testing for clients suffering from substance abuse. Valley Medical’s DNA-verified urine drug testing (vTOX®) uses a one-time cheek swab to collect a DNA sample from the client, which is then matched against future urine samples to eliminate the need to view the collection.

Traditional urine drug testing that requires viewed urine collection can seriously affect sensitive and vulnerable individuals, often leading to new or renewed trauma. Roots Wellness Center, formerly known as Minnesota CarePartner, was founded in 2013 by Katy Armendariz, a former social worker and therapist. Roots focuses on treating those with marginalized identities, including LGBTQIA+ individuals, people of color, low-income and impoverished individuals, individuals on probation, and other often-disenfranchised communities. By eliminating the need for viewed urine collection, vTOX® supports Roots’ model of trauma-informed care for vulnerable populations.

The therapists at Roots recognize that addiction is often a symptom of underlying mental health and trauma. For these individuals, substance use is an attempt to feel normal in their own bodies, not a moral failing or character defect, and thus requires a more holistic approach. Roots supplements traditional addiction treatment by offering mental health counseling, massage, yoga, Reiki, aromatherapy, smudging, and other progressive and innovative approaches. Roots offers both in-person and virtual visits along with monthly living stipends. The treatment center also partners with Hennepin County Child Welfare and Yale for in-home treatment for parents of infants who are struggling with substance use.

Roots Wellness Center is located at 393 N. Dunlap St. #300 in St. Paul, Minnesota with walk-in comprehensive assessment hours Monday through Thursday. Learn more about Roots at or contact them directly at or by phone at 612-289-5656.

Valley Medical Laboratory provides toxicology testing services for Roots and other treatment centers across the state of Minnesota from its Burnsville reference lab. Click here to contact Valley Medical and learn more.


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