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Valley Medical Now Offering Nutritional Supplements Online

Valley Medical & Wellness is excited to offer patients the opportunity to purchase nutritional supplements online via WholeScripts. WholeScripts offers more than 100 popular supplements that can be delivered directly to customers' doors. 

It's important for all individuals to maintain a healthy immune system, diet, and lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people have a deficiency in micronutrients such as calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D, folate, and zinc that can affect their health.

These deficiencies can be counterbalanced by the use of appropriate nutritional supplements. The ingredients in nutritional supplements help contribute to a healthier diet, facilitate a strong immune system, and improve overall health.

As a service for our patients, Valley Medical is excited to offer nutritional supplements from XYMOGEN via WholeScripts. Valley Medical patients can log into the WholeScripts website and shop for high-quality supplements to improve the brain and nervous system, the cardiovascular system, cytokine balance, the immune system, joints and muscles, and stress and sleep. WholeScripts also offers vitamins and minerals as well as supplements for detoxing. 

WholeScripts also offers MedPax, personalized all-in-one supplement packs. A MedPax packages three or more supplements together in convenient daily packs according to each individual's personal nutritional needs. 

Valley Medical patients can order supplements online at or use the QR code below. Just create an account and start shopping—the supplements will be delivered directly to your door!

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